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Data is the special sauce during crisis management

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

So 2020 has been a bit a tackle that came out of nowhere and bowled you over.

The impact on business has been huge (I really didn’t want to say unprecedented because I’m pretty sick of hearing that). COVID-19 caused businesses of all sizes to go into crisis management. For some businesses this was a small impact, I’m thinking completely online business here. While in other businesses the impact was huge, for example hospitality, manufacturing or any business with large onsite workforces. Across all businesses however, the need for information, data and insights be successfully.

Working with ThoughtSpot, our customers were able to leverage the ability for ThoughtSpot to manage billions of rows of data, to join different datasets (for example the COVID-19 infection data and operational data) and to query that data with natural language questions in seconds. I’ve collected a couple of videos that show how ThoughtSpot was used during the different phases of the crisis: initial, lock down and reopening.

This first video shows how ThoughtSpot is being used by our customers as they plan the reopening of their businesses, while managing risk of infection to their staff and customers.

As we entered the lockdown period, we released this video which shows how ThoughtSpot was being used to ensure business continuity, as our entire workforce suddenly needed to access IT systems from home.

Right back at the start of COVID-19, I created this video to show how ThoughtSpot could be used to understand local infection data.

All three videos show the value of being able to see and query large volumes of data for a business to understand their current environment, risk and to make well informed data driven decisions.

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