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Do you jump from Google Analytics to your CRM to Email Campaign Analytics trying to understand how your marketing is performing?


Our marketing analytics joins data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SalesForce, Adobe Analytics, HubSpot, SiteImprove, New Relic and Google PageSpeed into a simple search and AI driven insights engine. Providing you with a consolidated view of your marketing activity and removing your dependance on data analysts.


That means you can spend less time and frustration working in Excel and more time understanding your marketing analytics. Use data to make decisions and to pivot your marketing approach when you need.

Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 2.45.56 pm.png


Your complete marketing analytics solution - in one easy to use app, so you can

focus on marketing 

instead of excel

Search and AI driven analytics powered by ThoughtSpot to combine your marketing analytics across your website, campaigns and CRM in one simple to use app.


As easy as Google for you marketing data.

Want to see Marketing Analytics in action?

With prices starting at $100/month
you can can start using your data today.

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