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InnovateNSW - Measuring outcomes to drive customer experiences

Measuring the impact of your work on customer experience typically involves gathering metrics from a range of different systems from your CRM to your website analytics to your email campaign management platform and so many others. It's easy to spend your day buried in Excel fighting with pivot tables and charts and ending up frustrated.

The team at Harper Stone have been working with Digital.NSW on the Website Consolidation Project. In this recording, James Harper demonstrates us how Digital.NSW are using ThoughtSpot to track 44 metrics from across 6 source systems to understand the effectiveness and the progress of the consolidation project. ThoughtSpot is allowing non-analyst users to use search and AI to answer their own data questions without relying on an analyst or pre-built dashboards.

Key Outcomes

  • Non-analysts users are able to ask their own questions after a 1 hour walkthrough

  • Natural Language Search is the main interface to get answers

  • AI is used to automatically surface insights without the user having to search

  • 44 metrics from 6 source systems are consolidated to enable a wholistic view of marketing analytics.

  • No more excel and more time marketing

Pivot - Marketing

Pivot - Marketing provides a marketing analytics platform utilising ThoughtSpot. Pivot is a fully managed service, that is hosted in the AWS - Sydney Region by the Harper Stone team.

Watch Presentation

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